Gambling laws in Australia

The Aussies relish gambling. More than half of the population plays a game or two on occasion, and one simply cannot avoid the phenomenon known as the pokies, which is the Australian term for slot machines, also used by the good people of New Zealand. Whether it’s sports betting with bet9ja promotion code or simply playing online games, there is a wide variety of options to gamble online. There are a few laws to watch out for, though, as this might help you join the fun. At the very least, it doesn’t hurt to know. First thing’s first – is online gambling legal or not?

Interactive Gambling Act

Online gambling has been made illegal, or, at least, so difficult to come by that one can help but wonder whether the trouble is worth it or not. The reason for this is the Interactive Gambling Act, or IGA. This Act was brought up back in 2001, with the latest amendments in 2017. Australian Communications and Media Authority, or ACMA, is the authority to go to and complain in case a person notices an illegal gambling activity, or, basically, any interactive gaming activity.

If there is evidence of illegal gambling activities, ACMA then notifies the police force. Additionally, if the illegal gaming in question is hosted outside Australia, ACMA contacts the Internet Service Provider, or ISP, to deal with the issue according to their policies. IGA is the result of the government trying to enforce responsible gaming, and curb the gambling problem.

All in all, IGA doesn’t allow online gambling if it is operated as a business, or if a carriage service provider includes it into any of their packages. The result of that is that every operator must have a special license, issued by their province, before allowing Australians to gamble in online casinos.

Land-based Casinos

Do not fret about going online, as land-based casinos are legal everywhere in the Land Down Under. The most popular game in most of the casinos would be the video poker, but that doesn’t mean that other games are overlooked. Indeed, as we’ve stated before, the Australians adore gambling to such an extent that they control a variety of games not easily found everywhere. Some of the slightly uncommon games are: Pontoon, Sic Bo, Pai Gow, Rapid Roulette and many more.

Sports Betting in Oz

While online casinos are difficult to come by for Australian residents, online sports are legal, with a few considerable conditions that vary from state to state. The gist of it is that you must be over 18, and your ID must be valid. These two principles apply everywhere.

While you can bet on sports, there is something that dampens the gamers’ enthusiasm. The IGA does not allow in-game betting. This means that you can’t change your mind, or place a wager after an event that could turn the tide.