States that gamble the most in the US

Everyone and their grandma goes to Las Vegas, Nevada, since it is the place to be if you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime gambling experience. “Bright light city” aside, there are other places where many forms of gambling take place. That’s right, you can have fun outside casinos – and we are going to give you the scoop. We are not talking about online casinos, even though more and more people in the US are Googling What is the Leo Vegas bonus and how to use it?

The Silver State

Viva Las Vegas! Well, not just Vegas. There are several cities in Nevada that deserve our attention as the gambling centers. Reno comes to mind first, as the city that was the gambling hum of the US prior to Vegas, back in 1930s and 40s. One must not forget the lesser known Carson City, despite the fact that it is the state’s capital, albeit one of the smallest in the US. It may not be the gambling hub, but it takes on its fair share of gamblers across the US. Additionally, there is a town called Jackpot in Nevada.

Surprisingly, there are two cities where it is illegal to gamble. It is down-right unbelievable, right? Still, should you visit Boulder City or Panaca, you will not be able to get the thrill you seek by betting, wagering, venturing, speculating, or trying your luck. You can, instead, join 7.5 million visitors in Vegas alone. You might get your cut of the ten billion dollars the state gets in gambling revenue.

The Keystone State

While Pennsylvania does possess a fair number of casinos, this isn’t the only form of gambling entertainment offered in the Keystone State. You can also enjoy horse-racing, bingo, and even lottery. Since October 2017, high-rollers can enjoy online gambling here.

The revenue amassed from gambling in this state comes to about 3.16 billion dollars. It is worth noting that Pennsylvania is famous for its “racinos”, or race-track casinos.

Thanks to the Pennsylvania Racehorse Development and Gaming Act, passed in 2004, we can now enjoy our favorite games of chance in one of the original 13 colonies. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board regulates all of the gaming that occurs in this state, and does not get its funding from taxpayers, but rather from the games themselves.

The Garden State

New Jersey legalized gambling back in 1970s (1976 to be exact), and, since then, Atlantic City has been one of those places where bachelor parties are hosted, due to a high number of games and gambling possibilities. The reason for this is that the gambling in the state of New Jersey is illegal everywhere BUT in Atlantic City. Of course, this doesn’t stop the illegal gambling completely, but we will not get into that. The fact of the matter is that Atlantic City thrives so much off of gambling, that it is even possible to gamble in the comfort of your bed, though only in Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

There you have it – the top three states that gamble the most in the good old US of A. You are welcome to join millions of players around America and the world rushing to test their luck against the odds. We hope you strike gold.