7 Best Apps for Lawyers to Improve Productivity

Improving is something we need to do if we want to grow as humans. On a personal level, improvement is really important. Growth can make us feel better, more confident, and more accomplished. 

Of course, improvement is easier if we have help and the right tools – just like promo codes like this Videoslots bonus code help people have more fun at an online casino, apps can help people who want to improve some skills or productivity.

Just like anybody else, lawyers can also take the time to improve their own productivity, concentration and make their work easier so here are the best ones for the job.


Lawyers travel the world. When on the go, there is a strong need to keep all things legal managed properly. Clio can do this for you. Clio tracks time, manages clients and their needs, and helps you properly organize your work hours. Clio is a cloud-based service, which means that you only use the client end of things and that the data is stored on their servers. This also increases the security of your files. Clio is a great solution for a traveling lawyer.


This application is known for its productivity benefits in more than one industry. It is a top application for taking notes. Written notes, typed notes, whichever medium you can use, you can make notes. You can add audio recordings or even take photos and videos, to keep everything organized neatly. No matter what type of note you want to take, how comprehensive and detailed, Evernote has you covered.


Feedly is an application that helps streamline and curate your social media notifications and the posts that you see. If you want to, you can set it up to tell you about various important topics, so that you never miss a beat in any of the cases you are working on. All relevant information will be there, and you will be notified. There is no more missing information with Feedly.

Google Drive

Storing files is important. Google Drive is easily integrated with almost any application on Android devices. You can connect your account and immediately store anything from documents, photos, to videos and archives. Drive is a cloud-based storage service and it does a great job.


PDFs will never, it seems, go out of fashion. Whenever you need to export and share a document, it is always in PDF format. Goodreader is a PDF reader, but not just that. You can do anything to a PDF, edit it, convert it, make what you want out of it, and of course, share it directly online when you are done with it.


A communications app is necessary and depending on your client, you should have one handy. Video calls are common nowadays and in order to maximize productivity, a video call app is what you should get. Download various ones, because each client will likely be using a different app.


Too much screen time is bad for productivity. Lawyers also need to do some work away from the phone. Use space to limit your screen time, especially for apps that are not relevant to the job.

Even lawyers can make use of today’s technology, namely applications, to make their lives easier and more productive. These apps will help lawyers become more productive.