Unusual Laws From Around the World

The world is a strange place, and we know it. You can read about it and watch videos and in the end, you will always be surprised. No matter how much we know, there will always be something that will show us how quirky the world can be.

We don’t often think of laws as interesting or unusual, but when you take into account all the countries in the world and the similarities in their laws, then you start noticing the differences, and not long after, you notice that there are some really strange laws.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Singaporean’s Draconic Laws

Singapore is known for many things, but to most people, it is not known as a country where laws regarding tidiness are absurdly strict. Bubble gums are forbidden in Singapore. You can transport them through the country but under lock and key. This is how guns are treated in most countries. 

Singapore is known for its tidiness, so don’t you dare chew gum, the fines are huge. Spitting on the streets or anywhere in Singapore can get you a 1000$ fine if you are a first-offender. Repeat it, and the fine gets worse.

Don’t Feed the Birds in Venice

Venice has many problems with pigeon droppings. In reality, most old buildings in Europe have many problems with birds, which is why you will see tiny spikes on the edges where birds can often perch and go to the bathroom at the same time.

In Venice, there is a law that was passed in 2008. The law says that it is illegal to feed pigeons. Every citizen that feeds a pigeon costs the city 275 euros per year to clean up. There are fines, so be careful, and the fines go as high as 800 euros.

Don’t Be Dirty in the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a rich country, no doubt about it. They have a reputation to uphold. This means that there will be no dirty cars on the road. Driving a dirty car and leaving it parked will be marked as tarnishing the image of the state and your car will be towed. You are fined an 800 dollar fine and you will have to pay it, pick up and wash your car. Cars cannot be washed in residential areas and must be taken to a proper car wash. 

Always Gassed Up in Germany

With fuel prices increasing, you will be sad to know that running out of fuel on the German Autobahn is illegal and that you can face a fine. Don’t even think about getting out of the car and walking, that is also an offense. The best thing to do is fuel up before getting on the Autobahn and keep that gauge in your sight at all times.

The world is full of strange laws and customs and these are some of them. Be mindful that there are more similar laws, all around the world.