What is Sports Law?

Sports are familiar to us, in a sense at least. We know of many sports in the world and we follow some of them. Some people prefer esports because they grew up with video games and have started following a game turn professional since the very first days.

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Sports, while known to most of us, are not a topic that we often think about in terms of anything other than passion, athleticism, and maybe business. Sports include many aspects from other disciplines and industries.

Today’s topic is sports law. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is Sports Law?

Sports law is a basic law that pertains to the world of sports. It encompasses all sorts of laws that govern sports. Sports have to have many laws because there are many sub-areas in sports that require different aspects of the law. 

It is worth mentioning that there are laws which govern sports as a whole on a federal level, that of a country. Then, there are governing bodies which further set laws for their own sport or league, depending on the organization of the sport. However, sports laws can have different areas, each of which impacts a certain part of the industry.

Different Areas of Sports Laws

Sports laws are divided into at least five different areas: contract law, personal injury law, competition law, criminal law and trademark law.

Contract Law

Contract law deals with anything pertaining to the contracts which athletes and businesses sign. These laws are pretty clear, though most athletes end up signing bad contracts that put their careers in jeopardy. It is advisable for any upcoming professional to seek help from a lawyer that specializes in sports law, in order to avoid getting into contract hell.

Trademark Law

Trademarks are always protected vehemently, whether in sports or otherwise. Trademarks are an important part of an athlete’s or team’s brand and any infringements can be met with fines or lawsuits, depending on the severity of the offense. With that, it is advisable to avoid any sort of copyright infringement, in general, but particularly in sports.

Criminal Law

Criminal law in sports typically deals with various offenses that athletes can make, steroid abuse being the first to come to mind. Anti-competitive methods are also subject to criminal law, anything from match-fixing to substance abuse. 

Competition Law

This law governs tournaments and competitions as well as teams and individual athletes. The goal is to make sure that there aren’t any monopolies and that all sports are played out fairly and to the benefit of all parties involved.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law deals with any injuries athletes of even fans might sustain during matches. Some athletes might want to press charges after an injury happens, if they thought there was any foul play.

These are the various areas of sports law, a very complex topic.