What can you bet on in the US?

You’ve discovered that you can get a bonus at Spin Palace casino, but you see it’s a New Zealand one. What are the options for people in the US? You simply can not get a straight answer to this question since the law varies in certain parts of the country. There is no federal law that allows or forbids the US residents to engage in any types of gambling, and instead, each state has all the rights to regulate betting laws within their own borders. So read on to find out about where and what you can bet on in the US.


Louisiana and Nevada are the only two states that allow casino betting statewide. There are, however, other states that allow casino betting but this is exclusively allowed only for certain cities or parts of the state. Examples of this are Atlantic City in New Jersey, Tunica in Mississippi, or some Native American reservations all over the country. In some states, the gambling laws are regulated in a way to be eligible only on the land territory. For this reason, a lot of people use riverboats as a safe haven for playing casino.


Lotteries are the least restricted forms of gambling in the US. Only six states don’t allow lottery gambling, and interestingly enough Nevada is one of them. Utah and Hawaii are the only two states that don’t allow any kind of gambling whatsoever, including lotteries. Other three states are Alabama, Alaska, and Mississippi.


Online gambling is forbidden in almost all states in the US, including some overseas territories. The only four states that allow online betting are Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. The US law is pretty strict when it comes to online betting, however, you are allowed to bet on an offshore betting site if their website policies accept US residents.


A total of four states allow all forms of sports betting: Delaware, Nevada, Oregon, and Montana. Some states only allow racetracks, or horse racing as the legal sport for betting and there are 27 of them. If you want to learn more about legalities of sports betting in the US, make sure to read about Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA Law).


If you would like to take part in gambling as a means of charity, you can do so in almost every state of the US. Excluded states are, of course, Utah and Hawaii that don’t allow any form of betting, along with South Carolina and Tennessee.

A Note About Age Limit

Make sure to know that all states have legal age limits when it comes to gambling. In some states, this limit is 18, while in others it’s 21.


As you can see, you can bet on almost anything in the United States. However, you can’t bet on everything everywhere in America. Make sure to know each individual state’s laws about gambling if you are planning on betting in this country. Online gambling in US is very strict so if you were planning on placing some bets on a bookie’s website, make sure you are not breaking a state law.