Responsibilities That Accompany Our Rights

Having a better life standard and enjoying the rights given to us by our governments and our country doesn’t come by itself. In order to properly preserve those rights and establish them within our society, we too have a certain level of responsibility.

Our forefathers have established governments by dividing them into several branches with limited power. They also made sure that each branch could always check how other branches are handling their responsibilities. Most countries divide their governments into local, regional/state, and national. But is this enough to protect the rights of the citizens?

Most of us agree that behind every good government there is a group of good people and its within our rights and also our responsibilities to carefully distinguish and elect the good people that will make sure that our rights are protected. 

Our right to be able to think and speak freely, or right to own a property and travel, as well as many others, should come naturally to everyone, but that is not the case. We have a responsibility to those right and below you can find out what are the best methods to protect them.

Freedom of Speech

Your country and government should enable your right to speak freely. Expressing our own opinion is one of the most basic forms of freedom. Without having this right, our thoughts and words would be governed by someone else, and we could never express our problems, issues, and possibly illegal actions taken against us. 

For example, if you witness a meeting in which every individual has the right to express their own opinion regarding a certain matter, and if a group of individuals isn’t allowed to do so, you should report such behavior, or say something about it. Furthermore, if in the same meeting several individuals express their concerns about the same issue, and are not listened to, or that issue isn’t resolved, is another example where legal authorities should be notified. 

Freedom of Religion

A government isn’t allowed to unfairly limit its citizens to certain beliefs. A government is in obligation to secure the rights of its citizens to believe in whatever they wish to believe. So as far as your religious status is concerned you should know that a government cannot restrict you to this or that religion. 

An example of protecting your right the freedom of religion is when spotting someone being molested or insulted for their religious beliefs. You could act by contacting the local authorities or by trying to explain to the ones who are trying to hurt the basic rights of people why this is wrong. Remember, that only by protecting the rights of others in the same way that we protect our own, could we achieve the ideal protection of everyone’s rights. 

The Right To Be Treated Equally

Even though this right comes naturally to many people, it is still a great issue worldwide. The government is in obligation to provide the same right to all people regardless of their sex, race, religion, or age. This is one of the most important rights that belong to every human being and should be regarded as crucial to maintaining a healthy and righteous society. Just one of the many examples for breaking this right is when applying for a new job. If you notice that a group of people is being discriminated against and that others are being preferred due to their sex or race, you should immediately report such a case.