4 Things You Thought Are Illegal But Actually Aren’t

Learning about the laws of the country you reside in is of utmost importance for numerous reasons. Firstly, if you moved from one country/state to another you can discover that some things that you thought of as illegal are legal there, and vice versa. For example, the advantage of Casimba Casino Welcome Bonus is perfectly legal in many countries. Secondly, many people consider things to be illegal due to the fact they are not perceived as “normal” by society.

Down below you will find a list of things that are absolutely legal in a great number of countries but are generally thought of as odd and most of the time illegal. Whenever you are in doubt about some of your actions it is best to check the law of the country you live in.

Using Marijuana

Marijuana has been around for some time. Due to its effects on both mental and physical state of the user like relaxation, increased appetite, impaired body movement and long-term memory, it is considered as an illegal drug. However, for some countries, this is not true. In some US states, but also European and South American countries, marijuana has been legalized. Although for some countries marijuana is legal only with a medical prescription, it has still been decriminalized. 

Playing Poker For Real Money

All our lives we have been thought that gambling is bad and against the law. Movies portraying hidden basements and dark places where people gather to play cards for money has been sending the message that this is an illegal activity that is only reserved for those who are willing to put their life at risk in order to win some profit. But this is not the case. In most USA states playing poker for real money inside your home is completely legal, as long as there is no profit for “the house”.

Owning an Exotic Animal

Even though keeping an exotic animal as a pet is wrong for different reasons like denying it the right to become a part of its natural habitat it isn’t necessarily illegal in some countries. Let’s look at some examples.

In the state of Massachusetts, it is perfectly legal to have a bear as a pet. So if you are not afraid to keep an oversized teddy you can do that in this state. Moreover, if you are a fan of giraffes you can be a proud owner of one in Florida. Additionally, a pet tiger can be obtained in the state of Delaware. And lastly, if your pet must be no other than the king of animals or possibly a cheetah, then you should consider moving to Oklahoma. 

Faking Your Own Death

In case you want to disappear and leave your old life and identity behind, in many US states faking your own death is not a criminal act. It is not allowed to collect the money from life insurance or avoiding to pay any possible debt, which would turn this act into an illegal one.